Different Types of Towing Services Every Car Owner Should Know

Roadside malfunctions are inevitable and might provide anxious down experienced for car owners. When you experience a breakdown the best thing you can do is to call a towing service that can provide a quick, efficient and also inexpensive assistance.

Is it your first time to experience a breakdown? Don’t worry we will discuss to you the different types of towing services and when you need them.

Flatbed towing

Flatbed towing involves using a flatbed tow truck with a long empty bed with a flat top. Instead of towing the vehicle from behind, a flatbed to truck uses hydraulics to move the flatbed upwards and downwards. This allows vehicles to simply drive up the ramp. It easily allows the driver to maneuver and position the vehicle correctly on the bed. This is by far the safest type of tow service and is more commonly used worldwide. It is beneficial if you need to transport your car from point A to point B. Flatbed towing can be used for mini vans, SUVs, sedans, and even motocycles.

Integrated towing

These are more complex and heavy-duty type of towing. Integrated towing are used to transport rigs and buses.  An integrated tow truck usually has extra axles for added stability and strength. Its arm is much more embedded in the core of the truck so it can carry such weight.

Hook and Chain

This type of towing service is very flexible and is used for all kinds of cargo. As you may know, hook and chain is very common in the past. You would see cars being towed behind another car using a large hook and chain.

Hook and chain is more useful for towing wrecked vehicles to a junkyard. It is not safe for situations wherein you just run out of fuel or your battery just suddenly broke down.

In this type of towing, the car is wrapped in a chain. Nowadays, it is only used to tow wrecked cars because it causes damage to the bumper. We also do not recommend you use this for your new vehicle.

Wheel-lift towing

This type of towing is almost similar with the latter but entails lesser damage. It uses a metal yoke that is hooked under the rear or front wheels.

It is positioned in a way that the front wheel drive vehicles are pulled by their entrance wheels. Wheel-lift towing is relatively inexpensive to flatbed towing.

Towing a vehicle requires due diligence in taking care of vehicles, ensuring each vehicle incur no harm. If you need a towing service that can be trusted, we do recommend www.mesatowingservices.com. We totally love their service and the towing crew are fast, friendly and reliable.

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